Client, Friend, or Family Gift Baskets, Made to Order

View or download our catalog.A gift can say so much. We give gifts to communicate our sympathy, our gratitude, our feelings of congratulations or friendship. Businesses give gifts to say thank you to customers or to employees who do a good job. Deciding to send a gift is the first step, but deciding what to send can be the difficult part. Our gift baskets provide a solution to this dilemma. We have baskets and boxes that are already designed for your easy ordering. Or we offer you the option to make your own with just the right combination of items. You can send a small, inexpensive gift basket to a friend who is battling an illness or a large office gift basket or family gift basket with a variety to please everyone.

Giving A Taste of Indiana

Perusing our online catalog, you will find that we have an array of great gift ideas. Our delicious edible selections are complemented by household, sports memorabilia, collectible, and paper items that you can choose to purchase alone or in combination together in a bag, box, or basket. The common thread that binds all these products together is their connection to Indiana. Our products (with rare exception) are made right here in Indiana or represent pro and college sports teams or Indy 500 memorabilia. In addition, many of them demonstrate a Hoosier Proud mindset through their shape, content, or renown as an Indiana original. If you are planning a trip out of state, our products make excellent gifts for your host. Likewise, they are also perfect to give to out-of-state guests who will be staying with you.

The Best Indiana Products

We offer some of the best products Indiana has to offer. From Amish popcorn to DeBrands chocolates, our tasty food items can be easily used to fill baskets for an entire office, department, or family. Many items are also available for individual purchase so you can order a favorite, such as Hollyhock Hills salad dressing or St. Elmo’s steak seasoning.