406lg – Indiana Basket of Goodies – Large


Our Basket of Goodies is filled with great Indiana favorites in an Indiana-shaped basket.  Enjoy!

Beautiful Indiana-shaped basket decorated throughout the year with the warm Indiana fall colors.  In December, it will be with the red and green holiday colors.  During the month of May it will be decorated, of course, in the black and white race colors and black and white race ribbon.

Basket includes:

Race flags (2)
Claeys Old-Fashioned Hard Candies
South Bend Chocolate Co. “Nuts for Indy” Chocolate-Covered Nuts
DeBrand Fine Chocolates foil-wrapped Chocolate Race Car – lg.
Just Pop In Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn – mini
Roasted Peanuts
Chef Jeff S’more Balls – 5 pk.
Rise ‘n Roll Crunch

About Our Products

A Taste of Indiana is a locally owned, family-run business. We love being able to offer products made in Indiana which celebrate our great state. Our products are well-made and of the highest quality, demonstrating the pride that Hoosiers take in the state of Indiana and in their own workmanship.